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What Otherwise Normal People

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Tom Devine -- Spokane, WA

The  What the hell's that?  A web site?  Really?  Got any naked pictures of teenaged girls on it?  No?  Then who the hell cares?"

Robin Burnbum - New Castle, PA

Yeah, I seen it.  But if you really wanna see something funny take a look what I can do with my arm flab.  Now that's funny.

Buster Maklin -- Buttonwillow, CA

"The Newz is one of the funniest things on television to come along in years. I laugh myself silly sometimes, especially when that lopsided Canadian, Peter Jennings, is on."

Jayne Pace -- Medford, OR

"Have you people stopped to consider the damage that you're inflicting with your web presence?  Your day of reckoning is coming!"

Delbert Johns -- Joliet, IL

"You kids get off of my lawn, and take that damn tape recorder with you!"

Pastor Orville Winslow -- Beauford, SC

"Actually I found your site quite by accident.  My wife had gone shopping, so naturally I was clicking around for some hot chat…uh, let's just call it 'research' instead, when I stumbled on to you.  Keep up the good work! The more you pray, the more you earn -- ask me how"

Cindy Swendy -- Depot, MO

"I can't believe all that stuff's true…what's the world coming to?  I'm never leaving my house again. God help us all."

Dr. Leslie Gorham -- Baltimore, MD

"I am pleased to report that I have just received a large federal grant to study the effects on the American public.  So, as you might well expect, I'm all for it."

Louis Washburn -- Sandy Creek, ID

"I'm an agoraphobic shut-in, and my web browser is stuck on one page -- The  I’m seriously considering suing."


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