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M.E. Marvin Edelman

Porn To Be Wild

I shouldíve been a porn film producer.  Iíve got a friend over the hill in Van Nuys whoís made millions producing these pieces of shit.  Itís gotta be the easiest job in the world.  See, Iíd approach porn films like they were any other film. But thatís just me; Iím a perfectionist. 

And what do you need for any great film?  A title, thatís what!  All the other crap gets filled in later by hacks and assistants, but you, the producer, need to come up with the title and concept.  Actually, if you have a strong title you donít really need a concept.  I guess if you really had to do a concept for your porn film you could do something likeÖ ďMothers Against Drunk Drivers,Ē where a group of mothers pull over drunk drivers and screw their brains out so they wonít crash into people.  There, thereís your concept.

But with porn all the work is already done for you.  All you gotta do is take a major Hollywood movie and do a knock off.  That way you donít even have to pitch it.  Hereís what I meanÖ.

The Terminator = The Sperminator. 

Men in Black = Men In Drag. 

Get it?  Hereís some more.  You could also doÖ

Blowing Private Ryan

Dr. Strangefuck


LA Cockidential

Blown In 60 Seconds

Animal Whore House


Forest Lump

Anal Passage to India

The Bare Bitch Project

Return of The Body Sntaches


Full Metal Condom

Jeremiah Jimmy-Johnson

The Boner Collector

I Know Who You Did Last Summer, or Ö 

I Know What You Did Last Summer 
Because It Took Two Weeks For My Ass To Heal

Fantasia 2000 = Orgasma 2000

Shanghai Noon = Vagina Moon


2001 A Space Orgy

Whereís Waldo, Iím Horny

Little Big Dick

Sex Toy Story

Sex Toy Story 2

Charlie The Lonesome Penis

XXX Files

Enchanting April Unbound

Howardís Rear End

Shakespeare In Bed

Lawrence of West Hollywood

Prophylactic Park

White Men Canít Hump

You know, I think I got something here.  Iím gonna call my friend and talk a little business.  Iíll let you know how it goes.


M.E. Marvin Edelman



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