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Comedy Giant Milton Berle Dies Ė Giant Penis to be Auctioned on Ebay

BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- The comedy and porn worlds simultaneously mourn the loss of Milton Berle, who died at the age of 93.  Berle, best known for he unusually large penis, was also a funnyman who enjoyed dressing up as a woman on 50ís television, and privately for his wife.

News of the death sent a shockwave through the porn industry, where Milton Berle had become a symbol of excellence to most male porn stars due to his outstanding penis.  When reached for comment, Ron Jeremy stated, ďUncle Milty was a guy with a big schlong, Iíll give him that.  He was like a God, a God with a really big schlong. He was funny, sure, but his dick, well, that was funnier.  Thatís what Iíll miss.Ē



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