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Milton Berle's Penis


Milton Berle's penis


Yes, it's all true, everything you've heard -- Milton Berle's penis is nothing short of gigantic.  
Rumored to be over 11 inches, The has learned that Milton Berle sports penis 
somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 inches when fully erect*


Not Milton Berle's penis, but the rest of The Newz

Horton Lazario mentions Milton Berle's penis

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Dave Lasher's Other Stuff

Other words for Milton Berle's penis include, but are not limited to...

Milton's cock
Milton's dick
milton brele's pink Mustang
Milton Berle's redwood
milton berle's prick
milton berle's a prick
Uncle Miltie's fun pole
Uncle Miltie's guess what's in my hand now little girl
Uncle Miltie's the don't make 'em like that anymore
Uncle Miltie's you can take that to the bank
Milton Berle's popcorn bowl filler - dig in
Milton Berle's pride and joy stick


-- A featured fact --  Mel Torme possessed a gigantic set of really heavy balls...


*It has been quite some time since Mr. Berle has experienced a hard-on - the last known time was backstage, at The Sands Hotel, in Las Vegas, in the summer of 1958.



 Shagnasty's Penis Owners Club 

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