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Who We Are

Who we are will be revealed all in good time. Until then we will continue to hold the world hostage until our demand for 50 Billion dollars is met… 


Oh sorry, that's our other web site...


Please disregard the previous threat and go on about your normal everyday existence as if nothing funny is happening.  




Pay no attention, nothing unusual is going on... really.




No, really, we were just kidding, we were being funny... really.




We meant we were just kidding about that whole "world domination" thing... not the "nothing is going on" thing.




We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding the above apology may have caused.




We would also like to sincerely apologize for any other content within which may offend anyone or anything, anywhere at anytime who do not find the contents funny.




We would also like to apologize for Lou Bega, and the Mambo # 5 phenomenon.  Although we do not know Mr. Bega per se, we still feel it is our duty to apologize to the entire world on his behalf.





The above apology was way out of line, and we would like to apologize for it as well.  There is no excuse for these unexplainable acts.




We would also like to apologize to Lou Baga, and just as soon as he apologies to us, we will apologize to him.




We would like to apologize for the the typo in the apology directly  above the last apology.  the word "unexplainable" should have read "inexcusable."  Again, we would like to apologize for any problems which may have been associated with this error.




We're sorry, but we only just realized that the "the" in the above apology is not capitalized.  We apologize for this, and are in the midst of firing our proofreading staff.  For this we do apologize.




We would sincerely like to apologize for apologizing too much.  We realize that we have taken up valuable bandwidth on the Internet which could have been better utilized for things like curing previously incurable diseases, the discovery of intelligent life in other solar systems, or holding the world hostage for 50 billion dollars.




Thank you, and have a nice day.



© 2003 The twisted humor magazine All Rights Reserved.  Which means we won't see the humor if you steal from us. Therefore we have the legal and moral right, as allocated to all online humor magazines, to hunt you down like a twisted little monkey.  Legal Stuff