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Check out Warped Newz a channel devoted to weird people who make weird news -- our collection of stupid criminals, weird news, Darwins, and pretty much anybody stupid enough to be deemed newsworthy.

The main page of The is your twisted humor portal -- everything is there, from cutting news parody to John Rocker's new political suicide column.  

Lazario rants on into the night, with the most twisted politically INcorrect column on the net!  This is man who collects hate mail from all over the world.

If you like practical jokes, office and phone revenge, great prank calls, or just plain pain inflicted on other human beings check out the Fiction Archives and The Twisted Humor Archives

Also highly recommended...

Santa's Fat Ass

Pulp twisted humor by Harris Wilkinson

"What bothered McKinney was where the blood was - inside Santa’s Castle. North Pole, a freeze your nuts to cold metal marbles kind of place. And on Mrs. Claus’s smock, to be more precise."

Christmas With Alvin

More Twisted Humor by Kelly Holtzclaw

"I bet that Santa won't come here this year because my big brother Alvin killed my Mom and Dad..."


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